Original Turmeric Tonic
Original Turmeric Tonic
Original Turmeric Tonic

Original Turmeric Tonic

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A nourishing blend of turmeric, ginger, and other wellness-boosting botanicals.

Turmeric is a powerful adaptogen that promotes balance, glow, and well-being from the inside-out. We recommend enjoying 1-2 servings daily for optimal results.



A golden addition to your coffee, wellness tonics, milks/lattes, and smoothies.

We recommend adding warm/hot liquid on top of the powder (not vice versa) to prevent clumps. If you're adding GOLDE to a cool liquid, we recommend blending to help combine.

Contains 30 servings.


Coconut milk powder*, turmeric powder*, ginger powder*, cinnamon powder*, cardamom powder*, black pepper*.



GOLDE is a Brooklyn-born wellness collective centered in the nourishing power of turmeric. Founded by Trinity Mouzon in 2017, the original blend was built out of necessity as Trinity searched for a holistic solution to internal balance and an exterior glow.

Trinity teamed up with her partner and GOLDE Creative Director, Issey Kobori, to build their vision of wellness: functional, beautiful, fun. Today, GOLDE's products are sold in stores around the world, and have encouraged thousands of people to include turmeric in their daily self-care rituals.