Morning Glory Shampoo Bar

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Crisp, fresh, energizing and meant to complement a morning shower.

This multi-use, travel-friendly shampoo + body bar aims to simplify hair + skincare. It's handcrafted, free of palm oil, and formulated from organic, fair trade ingredients to support ethical, low maintenance lifestyle. The bars are made with fresh goat milk sourced from a small certified humane farm in Ohio.

Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free, Packaged with the environment in mind.


How to Use

Hair - Lather a small amount of foam and apply to scalp, condition if desired.

Body - Lather and cleanse


Olive oil*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, fresh goat milk~, shea butter*, sodium hydroxide+, castor oil*, bergamot oil*, basil oil*, tea tree leaf oil*, honey*^

*Certified Organic | ^Fair Trade | ~Certified Humane & GMO-Free | + None Remains After Saponifying Oils

Daughter of the Land

Founded by Ashley Spierer, Daughter of the Land is a skincare line defined by simplicity, authenticity and purpose. These values are at the core of every product they create and every step in the production process. Every formula is made with fair trade and organic ingredients. Every package is created with sustainability in mind; using recycled paper, glass and metal. Daughter of the Land firmly believes that you can take great care of your body, while also taking care of our environment and the communities surrounding us.