Crystal Intention Set
Crystal Intention Set
Crystal Intention Set

Crystal Intention Set

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This set of seven crystals is specially curated, featuring a hand-selected mix of black tourmaline, rhodocrosite, amethyst, green fluorite, citrine, rose quartz and clear quartz.

Note that each set is absolutely unique--stones will vary in shape, color and size. On average, they are 1.5"-2" long.

How to Use

Use them every day during your yoga or meditation practice to infuse extra healing energy, hold over your heart while you repeat affirmations and set intentions, place them under your pillow at night to work their magic while you sleep, or keep in your purse to pull out when you need a dose of good energy.

Cleanse your crystals from time to time in moonlight or on a piece of selenite to rid them of any negative vibes.

Healing Properties

Black tourmaline: A powerful grounding stone. Transforms negative energy into positive.

Rose quartz: Attracts love and supports connection and compassion. The stone of unconditional love.

Rhodochrosite: Heart soothing. Brings inner peace. A bridge to higher consciousness.

Amethyst: Enhances creativity and passion. Activates third eye. Stone of the god of wine, guards against overindulgence.

Green fluorite: Gentle heart healer. Increases intuition. A stone of growth and renewal.

Citrine: A stone of energy, happiness and manifestation. Encourages prosperity and good fortune.

Clear quartz: The most versatile healing stone, amplifies intentions. Cleanses, opens, activates and aligns.

Intention Botanicals

Intention Botanicals is a line of all natural, botanically based skincare and bath and body products that are handcrafted in small batches in Lake George, New York. Each product is formulated and scented to inspire and encourage daily self care rituals and intention setting.