Perineal Cold Packs
Perineal Cold Packs

Perineal Cold Packs

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Birth stretches your mind, your heart, and some slightly less flexible places. Give your nether regions — or C-section incision — the moment of “ah” they need with these perineal cold packs.

  • Feels fantastic cooled, warmed, or at room temperature.
  • Gel stays pliable even when frozen.
  • Sleeves can be rinsed and reused.
  • Perfectly sized for coverage and tucking in underwear.
  • All-natural gel formula consists entirely of vegan food ingredients, with no artificial preservatives.
  • Gel packs are made of super soft-touch, BPA- and phthalate-free film and are reusable.

Cold Application

1. Cool perineal pack in the freezer for 30+ minutes.
2. Insert pack into the sleeve.
3. Place in underwear on top of a menstrual pad if you are experiencing postpartum bleeding.
4. Use for 10-20 minutes or as advised by a healthcare professional.

Always use the sleeve when applying a cold pack. Salves or tinctures such as witch-hazel meant to treat the perineum may be applied to the sleeve for ease of use.

Warm Application

1. Heat perineal pack by immersing in a bowl of warm water for 5-10 minutes.
2. Pat perineal pack dry and insert into the sleeve.
3. Tuck into underwear for 10-20 minutes or as advised by a healthcare professional.

Do not heat in the microwave or boiling water. Please warm in a bowl of hot water as you would warm up breast milk.


Pariday is a company founded by three women who were frustrated by the lack of effective products to treat their breastfeeding pain – and just happened to have the necessary skills to make better ones. Their products were developed to help women through the parts of motherhood no one tells you about. Dedicated to creating elegant solutions to some of life’s least elegant moments.

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